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Switcha Bahamas Ltd. is a Bahamian Company with unique heritage. In the older generations limeade or lemonade was affectionately called “Switcha” in The Bahamas. What our company decided to do was bring back that culture and also mass produce this beverage, which is loved by all and by far the best tasting and freshest limeade/lemonade on the market, as we only use real citrus.


During the process of manufacturing we’ve discovered some very interesting things about the product. Beside the fact that the juice can be used to make beverages, the lime oil can be used to make a variety of products, most importantly pharmaceuticals or medicines that can cure common and some complex diseases, that many people are susceptible too. The peel can also be used for tea bags, as well as seasoning. Lastly the Rhine can be used for fertilizer or animal feed. Therefore no part of the lime/lemon is wasted.


In this entire manufacturing process, it is notably easy to add other variations of this product to create new beverages as well. Also, we've found a large grapefruit farm in San Andros for sale, by acquiring this property, this would enhance our ability to secure raw material for both citrus products for manufacturing and wholesale to local and international markets, and create a new product line.


Therefore, it is in our best interest to secure and initiate the Switcha Bahamas Farms & Switcha Bahamas Oil Companies, as both would be subsidiary companies of Switcha Bahamas Ltd, which will bring added value and structure to a developing and emerging conglomerate. Each company has its own unique operation and very lucrative revenue streams. Amazingly each process benefits the other, and has a direct relationship, henceforth we can maximize the full potential of the products through Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness Development.


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