Executive Summary



            Switcha Bahamas Ltd. is not only committed to ensuring  its viability in the beverage industry, but also in appreciating nature, as the ingredients we use, come from the earth, and as such should be return and replenished, hence the importance of farming to ensure long term sustainability, which will also guarantee the quality of a dynamic brand. Moreover we must complete our social and moral obligations, again by re-investing in nature, becoming less dependent on imported raw material, ensuring quality throughout our production line from planting the seed to stocking a shelf, giving back to society by creating opportunities, and jobs throughout the The Bahamian Community.


            These initiatives will encourage Islanders to get a better feel and appreciation for manufacturing and the benefits of agribusiness in return, creating markets for fresh produce that can be manufactured for healthy beverages and by products that can be distributed locally and internationally. Thus causing the Bahamian Society to be more health conscious, while reduce and eventually eliminate as much as possible our dependency on imports of beverages, fruits, vegetables and moreover food. Also farmers will be more encouraged to grow fruits that can be converted into a beverage or products that will be viable and have a guaranteed source or market for re-sale.


We will also aim to fulfill our moral obligations to society by setting a high standard work environment inclusive of being clean and professional in all of our transactions. Also, we will continue as we’ve been doing from day one, donating to charities on a weekly basis, mainly children homes, along with positive oriented events, school essay competitions etc.  Our goal is to create our very own annual event, this will be a Bicycle-biathlon, this event is where we will gather kids and adults to participate in riding their bicycle throughout New Providence & Family Islands to eliminate poverty and encourage education throughout The Bahamas, and each time we seek to giveaway as many bicycles as possible to less fortunate kids, also, to create awareness for renewable energy & pollution and its negative effects. Maybe one day God’s willing a Switcha World Bicycle Day! Ride to eliminate poverty!  As Poverty is the main cause for many of the world’s problems.


As it relates to the current operations, we have been in business from mid 2007, it started as a hobby and the company grew with every resource, starting by going on the side of the road for almost two years to sell and promote the product to the Bahamian Consumer. So far we have done a remarkable job, and have grown the company over 300% in a recession without any financial assistance. This was achieved through persistence, maintaining quality in the product, being prudent in managing all fiscal affairs, and re-investing back into the business, staff, and community.



As we look on the horizon for expansion, our aim to is re-locate the Head office on the Island of Andros, where we intend to purchase an almost 700 acre citrus orchid. This will enable us to supply the company with its main raw material, also we will need the space as no more space is available in New Providence, and Andros is the Largest Island in The Bahamas and closest to the capital, with the huge reserves of fresh water, essential for agriculture, along with mineral rich soil, which formulates into an agricultural utopia.


After discovering the multitude of potentials for the various uses of the product, we have embarked on tireless journey to attain a level where we can do sustainable research and development of the medicinal uses of this product. In doing so and achieving this goal we can provide The Bahamas Health Services with natural medication at a cheaper cost than current, moreover the Caribbean and if possible the World.



Lastly, once we have created a masterpiece proto-type company, we will venture out into world markets to franchise the Brand and its various concepts across the Globe,  eventually becoming an International Conglomerate.



Our Mission is to supply the Bahamian Market with a contingent of quality products that will sustain the livelihood of the Bahamian People and protect their interest for future stability in Family Life.


Our Goal is create employment, empower and keep The Bahamas and its citizens and our Company healthy, educated and financially stable.


Our Global Initiative is to Franchise the Switcha Brand Worldwide, Providing Quality Products and Natural Medicine for the Benefit of Mankind.

Executive Vision



We are a team! Together we will become the first 100% Authentically Bahamian Manufacturing Company to become an International Conglomerate. Setting the bar for Entrepreneurs, Government, Bahamians and Investors, widening their minds to have a greater appreciation in developing The Bahamas, in return The Bahamas will be a hub for skilled labor in manufacturing at all levels in various industries; primarily the Aggro-Industry.